Humbug's Diddle Daddles Game

Game writeups for humbug-diddles. Enjoy.


  1. The Dead Shore
  2. The Broken Tower
  3. The Invisible Merchant
BarnabasHalf-Elf BardAn adventuring bard with bad ventriloquism and raisin habits.Played by Shane
CedricHuman ClericA trained combat healer and bereavement counsellor.Played by Mark
DanHuman FighterA tough, trained swordsman with a tower shield.Played by DoC
FredHuman RangerAn outdoorsman with a clipped accent and a hatred of Gnolls.Played by Dave
GaielElf FighterA woodsman and trapper, he wears various furs including a patchwork cloak.Played by Matt
'Wild' AliElf Wild MageA slightly unreliable researcher into strange magic. Androgynous, even for an Elf.Played by Cian
GregoryHuman PaladinA lanky youth questing for the radical Poor Brothers of Aethe.Played by Ciand.15/3/1004
Jack MastersHalf-Elf Fighter/Thief/WizardHe has a huge handlebar moustache, awful teeth and a nose broken far too many times.Played by Markd.15/3/1004
KrøüstëDwarf ClericA priest of Clangadin, he has a large black beard and wears heavy armour.Played by Daved.15/3/1004
MichaelHuman DruidHe has long, dark hair and speaks in gravelly, deliberate tones.Played by Shaned.15/3/1004
MurphHalfling ThiefAn unremarkable-looking halfling in dark clothing. Mean with a sling.Played by DoCd.15/3/1004